Creative Native

Creative Native is my endeavor into research, consulting, and producing. The goal of Creative Native is to promote and serve the Native American community with creative stories, strategy and solutions. I have professional marketing and media experience working with some of the biggest brands, including Nike, Coca-Cola, & P&G. In my time at Wieden+Kennedy I produced several award-winning brand content pieces and became well-versed in the required skills for overseeing a successful production.

I am also an experienced qualitative researcher and love interviewing, transcribing, and analyzing large amounts of data. I’m an organized and proactive manager who can balance multiple projects simultaneous. I’m confident speaking on Native American education, Native American sport, and (of course!) the Native American mascot issue to audiences of any background and size.

I don’t like to toot my own horn, but I have a breadth of skills and abilities and want to help you solve your problems the Creative Native way. Please contact me with any questions or requests, sgi!


The Creative Native podcast

This pod will feature Native American athletes and other influential Native American figures.


In collaboration with VFL Film’s own Isaac Fowler and Tim Morris I am producing a documentary film on Cherokee Stickball.


Coming Soon

For my dissertation I am producing a documentary film that focuses on Native American athletes giving back to their community.


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Manuscripts Under Review

Welch, N. M., Siegele, J., Smith, Z., & Hardin, R. (September 2018, submitted). Making Her-story: Cherokee women’s stickball. Annals of Leisure Research Special Issue - Leisure and Indigenous Peoples.

Taylor, E. A., Hardin, R., Welch, N. M., Smith, A. B., & (August 2018, submitted). Incivility in the Workplace: The Experiences of Female Sport Management Faculty in Higher Education. Journal of Higher Education Management.

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Experience speaking to several undergraduate and graduate level classes about Native American culture and sport, particularly Native American Mascots and Cherokee Stickball.

I have also given several professional conference research presentations on Native American sport.


Since my time at Wieden+Kennedy I have developed project management and production skills to oversee projects big and small. I am a great organizer, facilitator, and manager of a wide range of projects. I can successfully fulfill projects from the ideation and research phase all the way through post-production.